Piano lessons are available to students ages 5 to 15.  Lessons address the fundamental aspects of playing the piano and are tailored specifically to each student's individual needs and goals. These personalized lessons include a variety of musical styles and activities, including:

  • Reading music  

  • Exploring different styles of music, including: classical, pop, country, praise and worship, jazz, and more!

  • Playing from lead sheets/chord charts/"fake" books

  • Understanding music theory, sight-reading, ear training

  • Composing simple songs  

  • Using technology to enhance lessons and practice time (iPhone/iPod/iPad apps, music websites, etc.)

  • Learning and reviewing through hands-on games and other activities

  • Participating in studio-wide incentives and challenges to help motivate students

  • Learning to practice efficiently so students can become independent musicians

  • Most of all, lessons are structured to encourage all students to have FUN making music!


Is my child ready for lessons?

A: To begin taking lessons, your child must:

    1. Know the alphabet and numbers 1-10

    2. Know right hand from left hand

    3. Be able to sit still and listen to instruction

    4. Show an interest in learning to play piano

    5. Be able to read 3-4 letter words


Will I need a piano at home?

A: Yes, just like your child cannot learn to play soccer without a soccer ball, or ballet without ballet slippers, they cannot learn to play the piano without a piano to practice on.


How often would my child attend a lesson?

A: Lessons occur once a week, every week.


Can my child try out lessons to see if he/she likes piano?

A: I recommend committing to at least 1 year of piano lessons.  It is just not possible to explore the many possibilities on the piano in a few lessons.  Ideally, one should commit to 3 years of lessons, and then determine whether or not they would like to pursue further.

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